Resource Library

Welcome to our resource library, select the topic that best applies to your needs, click on the thumbnails to view the PDF’s and download the files that you need. Just a quick word about free stuff. It’s my pleasure to add my resources to the wealth of knowledge which has already been contributed to the community online, but I hope people will keep in mind these resources are not as thorough and easy to understand as my published materials such as Good Start Guitar. Please bare in mind that these resources are on offer as a quick fix, students looking for a more comprehensive approach should consider purchasing my book.


Getting Started

A collection of resources centred around your first steps, from naming the parts of your guitar, to how to get your guitar in tune. This section should not be overlooked by even the established beginner as it contains many helpful handouts helpful for your early development.


Playing Chords

The most common approach for students is to jump in and play a few chords. Moving your fingers on the guitar as a group tends to be easier and strumming the guitar is very satisfying. Give it a go!


Strumming Rhythms

Learning how to read a few basic rhythms makes all the difference. The most common feedback from students trying to learn online is how to strum the guitar so the song sounds authentic. This basic section on rhythms will get things sounding great.


Playing Rock Chords

Most of us love a bit of rock n’ roll, or want to have a go at playing with some distortion. One of the most common skills needed for this is playing power chords. This section will give you the basics on putting it together.